Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wilton - Course 1 Class 4 - FINAL

I had my final Course 1 class last night but before I left the store, I had already registered for Course 2 so you haven't heard the last of my cake decorating adventures.

My cake was an 8" round classic white cake with strawberry filling. The cake itself could have been a little more moist so I'll keep working on that. Also, I used two mixes; one for the top layer and one for the bottom layer so this thing was HUGE! Jake and Maddie had a piece when I got home and he took the rest to work today.

The roses looked a little better than last week but there's always room for improvement. And my drop flowers (on the bottom of the cake) were a disaster. Here's the result:

And I'm super excited to say that I have gotten my first business as a cake decorator!!! One of Jake's co-workers ordered a sheet cake for 50 ppl for her daugher's graduation party next weekend. WOOHOO!!! Maybe I have finally found something I can earn some extra income with (painting = fail, uppercase living = fail, so far).

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Sarah said...

By the time I need to place an order for Kate's birthday in October you'll have your skills perfected- because it already looks like you do to me! And I already have my theme in mind :)