Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wilton - Course 1 Class 3

This week I learned the shell border and dots of various sizes. The cake was supposed to be a clown theme so I baked a funfetti cake by Pillsbury......HUGE MISTAKE!! I have concluded that Pillsbury mixes are terrible. Not only do they taste blah but I had the hardest time getting the dern thing out of my pan. So anyway, lesson learned; stick to Duncan Hines.

I used the colored icing from last week because I didn't want to waste it. So I grossly underestimated how much yellow icing I'd need for the clowns' bodies, thus I only have 1 clown. But I highly doubt I'll ever be making clowns again, I find them a little scary. Here's the result:

Then I learned how to make the "Wilton Rose"....can you say "intimidating?" This one is definitely going to take some practicing, that's for sure. But I really want to get good because next week's final cake is going to have 7 of them!!! The rose on the left was made by my instructor and the other was made by me;

I have some serious practicing to do.

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Meredith and TJ said...

You're great with cake decorating! I took the same Wilton course in Austin and my clown did not look as cute as yours.