Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wilton - Course 1 Class 2

For Mother's Day I asked for something a little unconventional; a Wilton cake decorating class. It's a 4 week course in basic cake decorating techniques and tips. So far I've had 2 classes. The first class was going over what supplies I need and we watched the instructor make buttercream icing and how to ice a cake. Nothing too exciting. I already had this

so I was ready for the actual decorating part.

The second class was using the star tip. We had the choice of decorating a character cake or this;

Not bad for my first real try at cake decorating. I discovered that 1. icing a cake is NOT as easy as it seems and 2. using the star tip makes your hand hurt really bad. The actual cake was a lemon cake and it was very yummy. Again I sent most of it with Jake to work so we didn't have to eat it all. Especially since the next 2 classes, I'll be decorating cakes and bringing them home. Talk about lots of cake!!!

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Sarah said...

No, it is not easy at all!!! I took the same class and did not have the patience or the talent for it. I am highly impressed with your first project, it is a million times better than anything I ever did. After completing that class, I am more than happy to pay someone to make a cake...maybe you can be that someone :)