Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's official, I'm a terrible saleslady!

I signed up to sell Uppercase Living in the Spring and to remain an active "Independent Demonstrator", you have to maintain a certain level of sales every quarter. Well, now I know that I would have a terrible career in sales because after 2 quarters, I'm being kicked out. But that's ok, I'm not crying over it or anything (besides I have my baking business now!).

SO, I wanted to let all my friends and family in on a little offer. As an "Independent Demonstrator", I get 25% off all Uppercase Living products (not including shipping + taxes). Before I get kicked out of UL, you can order anything you want, 25% off, through me. Trust me, I'm not getting a penny out of this, I just wanted to make the offer to everyone so y'all can get a great deal.

Unfortunately, they've already cut off my website ordering so you'll have to order directly through me, but it will still be shipped to you and I can still take credit cards and checks.

To see UL products go to

I'll be kicked out of UL at the end of the 3rd Quarter, which is roughly the end of September. You can email me with questions or your order at

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