Friday, May 2, 2008

My PawPaw plant

My grandfather, PawPaw, passed away last April just after his 89th birthday. It was incredibly sad for me as he was the only grandfather I'd ever had. (I promise this isn't going to be a tear jerking post) At his viewing, my grandmother, Nanny, and I were commenting on one of the plants someone had sent. It was a blue hydrangea and I'd always loved hydrangeas. Actually, we used them in Jake's and my wedding. So, my Nanny told me she wanted me to take it home and to think of PawPaw whenever I see it.

That was 13 months ago and now it's finally blooming! When I planted it last spring, there were only 2 pititful blooms on it and I never had anymore. But now it has numerous buds just waiting to bloom and I'm very excited about it. What's funny though is the blooms are looking more purple/pinkish than blue. I read it has something to do with the soil but my thumb isn't quite green enough to know about that.

Here are pictures of my PawPaw plant this week (I'll post more as the blooms increase)

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