Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pray for baby Rhys

3 people sent this link to me today, so I checked it out. What a small world? It turns out that I went to high school with the father!

Rhys was a twin who was born 13 weeks early. His twin passed away, but little Rhys is fighting for life. He has a grade 3 brain bleed as well as respiratory problems. He undergoes transfusions, stays on oxygen, and has several lines pumping morphine and several other drugs into him. I'm not sure how much Rhys weighs, but as you can see in the pictures on the blog, it's not much. He was born 2 weeks ago and has been fighting to stay alive every minute of every day and night. Please say a prayer for little Rhys as well as his family.

Here's his blog: www.ok-corral.blogspot.com

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